Think on Your Feet - Custom Floor Graphics

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An Example Of Custom Floor Graphics At A Retail Store As A Part Of Experiential Marketing Campaign

Where do most people look when they walk? Unless they are craning their necks to watch skyscrapers, people tend to walk with their heads down to see the floor in front of them. It’s natural.

So, it’s only natural to place advertising on the ground where they are looking. The versatility and customization of digital print graphics make anything possible when it comes to floor graphics.

What are Custom Floor Graphics?

Probably the best example of a floor graphic are the logos and words printed on every high school gymnasium and NBA basketball floor in the country. It’s high-impact advertising because everyone in the arena sees the graphic design. However, this method of advertising is not limited to gyms.  

Wherever there is a floor, the potential of these graphics is unlimited, from providing directions to promoting new products, sales, or events.


The Advantages of Retail Floor Advertising

Probably the most significant advantage of this type of ad is it is in a customer’s natural line of sight. It’s a fact that placing a floor graphic at the point of purchase, it drives more sales.

Floor graphics are safe and don’t pose a tripping hazard like other physical displays. They are easy to use and, in some cases, reusable. They are a sustainable advertising technique and an alternative form of signage delivering a complete advertising message.

Types of Custom Floor Ads

The most common custom floor graphic used in stores is vinyl stickers or decals. Typically, they come pre-glued and adhere firmly to the floor.  

Another version is a window where you can quickly change the graphic or poster inside a clear cover. The advantage of this setup is the ability to quickly and easily change promotions often.

The third method of floor advertising uses no stickers. Compact projectors can project high-definition custom graphics directly on the retail floor to communicate your messages directly at the point of sale.



7 Benefits for Event Marketing Professionals

Event marketers have a lot going on, but custom floor graphics are one of the simplest tasks on their plate. Here are seven reasons to add this to the marketing mix.

  1. Versatility- Use these beautiful graphics virtually anywhere such as entryways, table, countertops, wall-to-wall designs, and even pool floors. Get creative and make a statement!

  2. Durability - The graphics are comparable to that of industrial flooring except for projection where there is no contact at all.

  3. Quality - Stunning images and colors will turn heads and set your event apart.

  4. Reusable - These ads are sustainable and reusable over many events, offering your client a high ROI.

  5. Size – Vinyl graphics are seamless and can be up to 10 feet wide by virtually any length. They make for a stunning visual experience.

  6. Indoor/outdoor Material - Expands opportunities to brand your client in any location.

  7. Require no professional installation – Ease of installation saves time and money.

Floor graphics are the cost-effective advertising method that gets your client’s brand noticed by everyone close to your location.

Thinking on Your Feet… and Under Them

One of the most attractive qualities of floor graphics is its versatility. It’s a marketing method that’s inexpensive and ideal for the creation of unique experiences at branding events.

Our event marketing specialists at Eventige offer new opportunities to promote your brand and create events your clients will remember. Integrate these distinct and creative designs into your next experiential marketing agency RFP and get noticed.

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