Think on Your Feet for Custom Floor Graphics

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I’ve always been intrigued by floor graphics but disappointed by their limitations. Primarily used as floor decals rather than part of a visual experience, traditional floor graphics are limited in durability, quality and size. This is why we're so excited about our new offer, which combines the versatility and customization of digital print graphics with the durability of industrial flooring.

The Solution

Floor graphics are composed of a 70 ml clear vinyl and printed second surface to protect graphics; this means no one ever actually walks on the graphics themselves, making this product the most durable customizable floor graphic in the industry. Reusable and easy to install, Floor Graphics can be produced seamless up to 10 foot wide by virtually any length, allowing you to create a stunning visual experience. Event marketing companies leverage installation across branded environments to create unique and memorable spaces.

The Possibilities

Below is a great example of effectively using Concept Floor Graphics. This image is just one part of an install that is being used at the Score! Fan Exhibit at the Luxor in Las Vegas, which sees about 15,000 visitors per week. It is 75 Mil Ceramic, and covers 2/3 of the entire store.  Based on the overall outcome of the print, ease of installation and low maintenance of the product, C-floor was used for 3 additional stores after this project was complete.

Benefits for Event Marketing Professional

  • Versatility: Use beautiful custom graphics for entryways, table and counter tops, wall-to-wall designs and even pool floors. Get creative and make a statement!
  • Durability: Through its unique production process, the graphics are comparable to that of industrial flooring and comes with a five-year warranty.
  • Quality: Stunning quality will turn heads and set your event apart.
  • Reusable: MMC is sustainable and can be reused over many events, offering your client a great ROI.
  • Size: Seamless up to 10 foot wide by virtually any length, allowing you to create a stunning visual experience.
  • Indoor/outdoor material: Expands opportunities to brand your client wherever the location may be.
  • No professional installation required: Cost efficient in saving you money.

New Thinking in Versatility

Aside from its superior quality and remarkable durability, one of the most attractive qualities of floor graphic is its versatility, making it ideal for the creation of new and unique experiences at special events.

Integrating such distinct and creative designs in your next experiential marketing agency RFP will turn heads and attract attention when activated in the fiel. Eventige new floor application is a paradigm shift of how graphics can used in events, offering new opportunities to promote your brand and create events your clients will remember.