Curate BigCommerce Product Reviews to Increase Sales


High-quality images and detailed product descriptions sell products on your eCommerce sites. But, product reviews add an extra boost to sales conversions. Potential buyers demand this kind of customer feedback and assurance before hitting that “Buy Now” button. 

Over 70% of consumers read customer reviews before making a decision. According to BigCommerce, product reviews increase sales by 18% on average. They’ve integrated review collection and curation into their platform at no extra cost, and with only a few clicks. 

Why Do Product Reviews Matter?

They matter because 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Some of the advantages are:

  1. Builds confidence and trust between your company’s brand and your customer - By continuously providing a quality product and exceptional customer service, customers will leave positive reviews.
  2. Highlights your product features and benefits - Customers usually describe the features they like about your product and how it improves their life or solves their problem.
  3. Unbiased, third-party credibility - Consumers believe that those who leave product reviews are genuine and impartial.

Of course, it’s inevitable for merchants to receive some not-so-nice reviews. But, negative reviews are generally helpful for overall sales, here’s why.

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Negative Reviews Can Boost Sales

No retailer wants to see a poor review of their products or service. However, consumers don’t believe the legitimacy of any product with all 5-star reviews. And, neither does Amazon who brought a lawsuit against companies who sold fake reviews of its products to affiliates and retailers.  

Posting nothing but rosy reviews can work against you. Shoppers expect merchants to be transparent and honest. Comparison shoppers want to read every review, good and bad, to get the bigger picture.

In a study by Northwestern University, From Reviews to Revenue, an average rating of 4.2 to 4.5 is the sweet spot of purchasing, any rating above or below will decrease sales.

Handling a negative comment professionally, with tact, and an offer to correct the situation will improve the company’s image.

This is a perfect opportunity to learn from clients and make improvements to a product or customer service.

Show Off Your Reviews to Improve SEO

Whenever a customer leaves a product review, the search engines consider it as new content. It automatically counts as a page update, improving the page’s SEO ranking.

Retailers that integrate reviews throughout the website see increases in click-through rates by up to 20%. Using Schema markup and meta descriptions that include review links improve SEO. SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) will display product reviews by enhancing the rich snippets shoppers see under the page title.

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Be Proactive to Cultivate More Feedback

Set up emails in BigCommerce using a third-party app like Yotpo to automate the process of collecting user-generated feedback. The more reviews a product can receive, the better the conversion rates. BigCommerce has all the specific information you need on how to set up product review email requests here.

Incorporate a system that asks customers for their comments because 80% of reviews come shortly after the purchase.  It’s a good business practice to send a thank you note, use this opportunity to ask for feedback. 

Going from 25 reviews to 50 increases conversion by another 18%.


When asking for an honest testimonial, plan the questions carefully to get the right answers. When phrasing review related questions consider these points:

  1. What is the target audience’s biggest concern about the item?
  2. What problem are they trying to solve?
  3. Did it solve it?

Creating questions that are relevant to the customer’s pain points and solutions will garner valid responses. And, be sure to thank customers who take the trouble to leave a review.  

Other techniques for gathering reviews include running a contest or rewarding reviewers with a discount coupon. The bottom line is to ask for them.

Now that you know why reviews are important let’s put them to work for your business on BigCommerce. 

BigCommerce Puts You In Charge

Users have complete control over the quality and quantity of reviews posted to each product and no reviews post without administrator approval.

To reduce spam reviews or reviews from unverified customers, users can limit the number of reviews posted on the site for a specified time.

Automatically send emails that prompt your customers for a review. In the Store Setup Settings, users can define the number of days after the purchase or shipping to send the email. It includes the purchase information and a link back to the product page.

Adding Product Reviews to Your BigCommerce Store

BigCommerce makes it simple to add comments and reviews. You can read how to manage reviews in this article. It takes a couple of minutes, and once you’ve saved the settings, shoppers can leave comments. The reviews will be “Pending” until you accept or delete them.

Leverage Social Networks to Generate Testimonials

Once reviews are working on your BigCommerce store pages, reach out on Instagram, Facebook, and other relevant social networks.

Make the process simple for consumers to leave reviews.

If you need help setting up anything for your eCommerce store, Eventige can help. As an Elite partner for BigCommerce, we will use reviews and other techniques to help generate more sales.

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