A CRM Consulting Company's Lead Capture & Sales Process

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Attraction strategy is the basis of converting interest into sales. Many of us look at our products and services as passions that we feel so strongly about, that we often miss the mark when it comes to educating our target consumer about how they tie into their specific business growth.

A Personal Connection

The personal connection that brands make with people is truly the cornerstone of business success. In today’s highly digital world we are seeing many creative agency brands become a recluse to that human interaction necessary to build rapport, create attraction, and ultimately establish trust. Trust within a business environment is where we connect to a point of being a reliable provider of products or services based on the intimate relationships we establish.

As human beings, we are naturally visual people and we need something to focus on for that initial first look (think tradeshow booth design), but what business owners often fail to realize is that they look at themselves as an entity and often concentrate on what they do instead of who they serve.

CRM Consulting Company Perspective

Capturing leads and converting them into sales is a process of education that has to continually evolve, allowing for the business to establish itself as a provider of insight, experience, knowledge, and added value. Taking the example given at this week’s marketing expo seminar, you shouldn’t sell dog food but rather focus on people who like dogs and invest assets into finding where those people congregate to share their passions. Find that, and you will find the business outlet to perpetuate the message of your brand and how you provide value to this consumer group.

At the end of the day if dogs carried wallets we would target them, but technology hasn’t yet reached that mark. Although somehow I don’t discount the fact that soon RFID dog collars will be dispensing dog food based on the time of day and hydration levels of our little pups.

So now that we are looking in the right place, where do we take this potential lead? How do we steer them into a place of established trust? How do we remind them that we are available, here to help, and are a provider of benefit rather than an expense?

Gaining Trust: CRM Lead Capture

Platforms such as InfusionSoft are creating systematic ways for the business to utilize automation systems to capitalize on the time-consuming nature of gaining trust within that relationship in a heavily digital world. The goals of CRM Software and Cloud-based solutions are to establish a chain of events triggered by the actions of the user and their interest levels. Think Amazon.com’s added value ‘often purchased with,’ or the follow-up e-mail asking for a product review.

Becoming this “lead magnet” should be the focus of your content delivery, and as Ramon Ray puts it: “You Have To Give To Get.” Especially with today’s highly digital marketplace, there is an abundance of ways to perpetuate value and provide insights into how you serve your client base and how you can provide the knowledge and experience that will establish your service or product as an attractive proposition, rather than another line item on the expense report.

Innovate To Educate: Inbound Marketing

Here are just some of the ways in which we can provide that ‘Give To Get’ content:

  • Webinars

  • E-Books

  • Podcasts

  • Coupons

  • Discounts

  • Contests

Looking at each of these possible solutions to the problem of under-achieving in your marketplace, we can easily find how each type of ‘giveaway’ is geared towards educating the consumer on what it is that you know about them and how they ingest their ‘dog food purchasing decisions.’

Ultimately we aren’t selling dog food, but creating reminders for the consumer that we care about their passions. If you love dogs, there is a high likelihood that a contest featuring “Sleeping Beauty: The Cutest Napping Dog Contest” is going to drive a lot of SmartPhones to trigger pics of pooches taking naps everywhere from couches to lawns, to backseats of cars.

Make A Human Connection

The value here isn’t in the dog food awarded to the contest winners (hint hint), and neither is it in the fact that your dog food brand is the ‘sponsor’ of the contest… the value is in providing the human connection that allows people to smile, to engage, to have fun and to share their personal intimate moments with the world around them. You created a reason for them to think “wow, this brand really gets me and they probably get what my dog needs as well; let’s buy from them.”

Once you have created a game that is easy to play, you have found customers that recognize you care about their passions. From there, each photo submitted is tied to an e-mail, that e-mail becomes a lead, that a lead becomes a part of your database, and you can start going down the list of “Give To Gets” to provide a coupon, discount, and keep in touch with the consumers who love their dogs taking the cutest nap times ever.

Lead Capture: CRM

Lead capture doesn’t have to be boring, and you can always find creative ways to engage the audience and create an attraction strategy that will make your business stand out as a provider of value, establishing trust and ultimately converting sales.

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