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By Gavin Write
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It's hard to ignore the modern paradigm of social media - it's everywhere, and it's something over 4.7 billion people use every day. That's over half the world's population! Because of this usage, social media's significance is undeniable in terms of digital marketing.

More than 90% of US companies have a marketing strategy that includes social media but achieving a meaningful conversion rate is something of an ongoing challenge for all marketers.

Highlighting Your Business's Uniqueness

Whatever sector you're in, you're always going up against some stiff competition. It's your job as a marketer to catch the eye of potential customers and demonstrate the uniqueness of what you offer.

Sometimes, you have to think outside the box, and that certainly applies to digital marketing if you want to achieve your intended sales conversions. We will give you some tips and tricks to make the most of your Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Ensure Your Content Is Highly Targeted

One way to increase the chances of conversion when posting on social media is to ensure that your content is highly relevant to your audience. This is the only way you're going to connect with your audience in a way that might compel them to buy from you.

You need to think about what your audience is interested in, which will likely require you to talk to your social media following to learn their current pressing concerns.

If you fail to touch upon these pain points and provide solutions for them, what value are you bringing to these potential customers? Don't continually churn out sales blogs that simply look to sell, as people can very quickly become disinterested in you and stop following you.

Understand Your Audience

Central to creating highly-targeted content is understanding your audience. A neat way to do this is by leveraging what's known as social media insights.

Facebook, for example, along with LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, are able to offer extremely useful information about the habits, age range, interests and purchasing habits of your followers. This information is crucial in helping you to convert social media followers into paying customers.

Promote Social Proof From Customers

Social proof essentially refers to occasions when customers speak, as opposed to marketing - which is when brands speak. If you can encourage this, then your brand is given extra credibility, as it's seen as an impartial viewpoint from an end user.

This instantly boosts trust in the recommendation that's being made, especially with the customer in question’s own following. Naturally, this social proof can have a positive and significant impact on your conversion rate.

88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations.

You can promote this by encouraging your social media followers to share their experiences publicly. This is facilitated by the provision of a pre-filled sharing feature that requires just a click of a button for people to tell others about how great you are from a customer's point of view.

Reviews and testimonials have never been so impactful as those delivered in this way, so it's something that all marketers should consider at some point.

Include Video Posts In Your Strategy

Social media users will eat up well-created, relevant content that is easy to digest, and there's nothing easier than video-centric content. Having your content almost spoon-fed to viewers not only generates engagement but also increases traffic going to your website.

The great thing about video is that you can do so much with it, creating a variety of different styles from 'How tos' to product reviews. Animations, testimonials and more can be used to increase trust and awareness of your brand and what it offers.

Of course, you should be sure to include a strong call to action (CTA), both at the beginning and end of your content. It might seem like a minor point, but sometimes it can literally mean the difference between a gained or lost sale.

Make CTA's That Compel Customers To Buy

There's no getting around the fact that when creating a CTA, it needs to be compelling if you want to see an uplift in your social media conversion rate. Convenience is important for users, and it's the marketers that make purchasing a smooth experience that tend to get the most sales.

The Average Click-Through Rate of CTAs is 4.23%

Of course, you'll need to link your CTA to the page you want your readers to see, but they also need to feel compelled to press the button.

You could use a simple CTA like 'Download Now' or 'Sign Up', but you could also - depending on what the CTA is for - use something like 'I'm In' or 'Reserve My Space'. The more exclusivity that you can infer, the Fear of Missing Out (or FOMO) kicks in, creating a reason to take action.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Again, leveraging the fact that customers have greater trust in the opinions of other impartial customers, user-generated content can be extremely useful to marketers. This kind of content is seen as being more authentic and believable, so anything positive expressed in this way is going to stick.

What do we mean by user-generated content? Here are a few qualifying examples:

  • Testimonials - Written or Video
  • Product Reviews - Photo or Other
  • Livestream Events - Product Demos

Users who talk about you in this way are your brand champions. The more you can do to create these walking, talking advertisements for your company, the more positive exposure you'll get. The more positive exposure you get, the higher your conversion rates will be.

Keep A Close Eye on Social Media Analytics

As with any kind of marketing, knowing how well your strategy is performing is key to perfecting it. That's why you should keep a close eye on your social media insights on a regular basis. This will give you the feedback you need to adjust your approach should one part of your strategy isn't working so well.

By combining this with tools offered by Google Analytics, you can see clearly how best to hone your approach. You can compare the posts you publish against each other to see which generated the most engagement, allowing you to replicate them.

Get The Conversion Rates You Want

So, if your conversion rates aren't where you want them to be, there's much you can do to change things with social media. We've given you a number of tips here, but there are so many more, so why not get started on boosting your performance today?

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