Advantages of Hiring Certified BigCommerce Developers

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By Alexei Alankin
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So, you’ve decided to migrate your eCommerce store to BigCommerce. This platform is a perfect choice for mid-market and large enterprises. However, it’s going to take some time, planning, and troubleshooting to migrate your catalog while keeping the doors open for your customers.

It is a wise investment to hire a BigCommerce developer to help you with all your new integrations and setup. Just like experienced mountain climbers retain local guides to keep them out of trouble.

Advantages of Certified BigCommerce Developers

Why hire a certified BigCommerce developer? Even if you think you can develop your site in-house, you should consider partnering with a professional that knows how to optimize your site. Developers have a better understanding of the BigCommerce code language as well as experience with many brands and know what works. To learn more, check out this resource on BigCommerce web development.

  • They can make your site look professional. Just like when a customer walked into a physical store, appearance matters. If your website looks twenty years old, visitors won’t trust your product. If it is confusing and there is no real vision for it, then your visitors will also get confused and you lose sales. A BigCommerce developer knows how to expertly design your site and make it optimized for the best results.

  • You avoid unnecessary downtime. Certified BigCommerce developers know the precautions and steps necessary to avoid issues for your site that would otherwise negatively affect your brand reputation. When there is a big update, they know how to implement the appropriate solution safely.

  • They provide the right features to your online store. Thanks to data, we’ve learned that small things can make a big impact. A button placed somewhere different; a feature you didn’t have before; all these changes can affect your bottom line. Certified BigCommerce developers work with many businesses and know what works best while avoiding costly mistakes and misconfigurations.

  • They help improve your brand and sales. Ultimately, the way your website is designed and set up will determine how many visitors convert to sales. Certified BigCommerce developers are well-versed in what a successful website looks like and needs to grow. When you hire a certified developer, you get the best results, most importantly, peace of mind.

What is a BigCommerce Developer?

When we refer to a BigCommerce developer, we’re referring to our teams who have been trained and tested for quality by BigCommerce and are 100% Stencil Certified.

Eventige BigCommerce developers take advantage of training, webinars, and ongoing practice building and tuning BigCommerce stores.

Here are some of the things they do:

  • Help integrate a responsive BigCommerce theme.

  • Provide solutions and consulting for mission-critical business processes.

  • Assist with the migration of store catalog data.

  • BigCommerce SEO ranking maintenance.

  • Offer end-to-end responsive online store design services.

  • Customize apps that are fully compliant with BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Stencil Theme Development

Screenshot Of BigCommerce eCommerce Platform Interface For Retailers

Source: BigCommerce

Ever wonder why you need a BigCommerce Stencil certified developer? The main reason BigCommerce recommends a certified BigCommerce certified development agency is that these highly trained developers are experts in building stores using the latest in coding logic, setup, and configuration.

eCommerce owners appreciate that they don’t need to understand Event Hooks, CSS, JS Implementations, Handlebars, or any other programming jargon. A BigCommerce developer will take care of all that while ensuring you get your store looking and working the way that you want.

Stencil allows developers and designers the flexibility to customize stores for maximum efficiency, and also work locally on their machines without having to be constantly using the web portal for logging in and making changes.

You have a vision and needs for your website. With a certified BigCommerce developer, they can make it happen. You no longer have to worry about limitations and trying to make something work that falls short of your vision.

Setup, Debugging, and Growth

While BigCommerce takes far less coding and maintenance than Magento or other platforms, it’s not always a do-it-yourself job; especially at the larger mid-market and enterprise level.

Migrating to BigCommerce is a complex task, and there is always something that needs to be debugged or tweaked. A web developer experienced in BigCommerce stores can save you a lot of time and money.

Imagine upgrading your website and online store, with big plans for growth, when all of sudden you find yourself deep into trying to make the transition a reality. That sets you back and robs you from actually growing the store. A developer frees you from that and you can start working on the business instead of in it. 

Do You Need BigCommerce Designer or a BigCommerce Developer?

When you work with our full-service BigCommerce agency, the line between web development and design blurs. We believe you’ll need both. Designers make your web pages and catalog look stunning while developers make everything work. That means you need a skilled team that works together to see to it that every page looks professional, loads fast, and works on any device. It takes teamwork to create a beautiful website that delivers a first-class customer experience.

When you hire a BigCommerce developer, the benefit is the experience to complete the job efficiently and on time, as well as on budget.

As a certified BigCommerce partner, we’re fully proficient in what BigCommerce has to offer, plus we are partners with over 100+ applications and operational tools that work together with BigCommerce. We offer development as well as BigCommerce SEO services to better optimize your business and grow your brand sales online. This includes auditing, on-page SEO, as well as off-page link building.

Reach out today for your evaluation and we can align on your next BigCommerce development project, or review previously setup configurations if you are unsure if you need to rebuild or optimize. Sometimes all it takes is a few small tweaks to get the store performing at its best.

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