Tips To Building a Memorable Corporate Brand

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By Gavin Write
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No matter how good your products, your services, your customer support team or your staff, your brand identity remains one of the most valuable assets of your entire business. If you want to ensure your company goes from strength to strength, that your enterprise is able to maintain steady growth and build rock-solid customer loyalty, you need to have a great brand identity behind you.

We can help you establish the right brand identity and create an appropriate marketing strategy to grow awareness of your brand and ensure your message reaches your desired target audience.
We can then help you to convert your greater brand awareness into sales and profits. By leaving the heavy lifting to us, you have more time to focus on running your company and improving your products and services.

Identify Core Values

The starting place for building a successful corporate brand identity is to clearly identify the value proposition you offer to your customers. In other words, what is it that you do that would make customers choose your firm over any other?
If you’re struggling with ways to explain this concept, there are many clear and specific examples out there of companies with extremely strong corporate identities to keep in mind as you consider the issues.

Take IKEA, for example, which aims to make life better for its customers by providing them the opportunity to purchase well-designed, functional home furnishing products at low prices. Apple is another example and is a company that is committed to using innovative hardware and software to provide the best possible user experience for its customers. If you are unsure about your brand positioning and need help with developing a strategy, reach out to a full-service agency that will work closely with you to isolate your company’s core values and help establish your brand identity.

Where Do You Stand?

A further step you need to take to establish your brand identity is to clearly identify your position in the marketplace and work out exactly who your customers are. In order to achieve this, your company needs to identify exactly how its products or services are viewed by its customers and what problem they solve.

In addition to conducting such research, a full-service media agency can also carry out an in-depth analysis of competing companies, reviewing their own websites, brand identities, and advertising strategies so that we know exactly who is competing with you for market share and how to differentiate your company for any others out there.

Best Strategy

Despite the existence of so many clear-cut examples, many organizations struggle to develop strong identities of their own, and this is often because they fail to focus on the fundamental value they create for their customers and instead pay too much attention to pursuing multiple avenues of growth, essentially putting the cart before the horse.

Unlike some other marketing firms in NYC, we believe the best strategy for brand building is to start with the basics and identify as clearly as possible the fundamental value that your company offers to its customers. Even if you operate in a crowded market, your personal leadership means your company won’t be doing things in quite the same way as any other enterprise. By helping you to identify these unique elements, we can help you to create a dynamic and exciting brand foundation upon which to build future success.


A strong corporate brand is one that is fully consistent through all channels and has a consistent visual vocabulary. Your logo and corporate identity also need to reflect your company values. As a result of our many years of experience in the field, we can help you shape your ideas and come up with an identity that truly reflects the personal vision you have for your company.

The online market is always in a state of flux so creating an intrinsic value that can stand the test of time is essential. One of the key benefits of working with a full-service marketing firm is that we work on every aspect of your brand-building program, not just elements of it. We understand that establishing a strong brand is merely the beginning and that in a fast-moving market, it’s important to never rest on your laurels. We can help you to continually analyze and refine your branding company relationship to ensure it remains competitive and relevant and that your sales continue to grow as a result.

Our eCommerce web developers understand the importance of having a website that positively supports your brand. A site that loads too slowly, that is difficult to navigate, or that does not work properly on mobile platforms will quickly deter customers and in doing so, will damage the value of your brand.

With this in mind, you need to ensure you monitor your online reputation so that any potential damage to your brand can be nipped in the bud at the earliest opportunity. If you encourage customers to contact you through social media channels, you need to make sure they are monitored so that any responses you give are timely. It goes without saying that those messages should always be in line with the overall philosophy of your company.

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