Cranking Up Your Social Media To Escape The Crowd

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Have you ever thought about the users you follow on Twitter and Pinterest? Most likely you will only see about 1% of their tweets, pins, or other content. This number is just hypothetical, but since everyone is using twitter, even when you post regularly, your following is not likely engaged with your brand at every single moment. The number of followers only give you a little bit of success. Considering that Twitter is like Live TV, if someone is not there to see your tweet that moment, they will never see it, unless you repeat yourself. This applies to Facebook just as well, not just for Twitter. Today, it’s much more difficult for any brand to stand out and get noticed, even if millions of people are following the brand page.


Having 10,000+ following is a milestone for many twitter accounts, but overall it doesn't really matter how many are following you if they are not having solid quality interactions with you and paying attention to the content your providing. How can you build a community to increase the engagement within your following? Here are a few strategic tips:


Add some personality and humor to your brand. Social media has this word “social” in it because being social is the way to succeed. Everyone loves humor, and everyone loves to share humor with others. Although some of the platforms are used to gather news related to industries or other world news, but more often, we find that that social media is being used to entertain and kill some free time.

Your marketing and brand message needs to adjust to the tune of your audience needs. If you use the same copy that you used in other areas like search or email newsletters, then your followers will remain detached from your brand. Try to make your Twitter and Facebook page hysterically entertaining, with each post featuring something funny that speaks to the industry consumers. This works because it forms a connection and develops conversations for people to start between one another. Be funny, and relate to them so they will start talking about you. If you have trouble being creative or fun, contact our social agency team and talk to them about your needs to manage the engagement strategies. Now, this brings us to the second part. Start conversations!


Converse directly with anyone who is following you. Seriously, just maintain a conversation with them, then retweet them, like their content, and comment on some posts that they put out. You can also just directly ask them to interact with your content and communications on social media. One good tactic is to make almost everything you post to be geared towards describing the life of you fans, which will pose a reason to connect. Whether you are retweeting, asking a question, holding a contest, or even sending hashtag messages, don’t forget to connect with their life in reference to your product or service.

What’s the Point?

The main point is to use humor and connect with your audience through common personality traits, and you will have a community of fans who will show love and give love by connecting new customers into the network. Although it's digital, they call it social for a reason. Be human!

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