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David Flagg and Phillip Schuessler founded ProVape, a company dedicated to producing the highest quality vaping products. ProVape brought Eventige Media Group on as AOR and we have been collaborating ever since.

Over the years ProVape has seen tremendous growth and has been promoted across a variety of platforms throughout the vaping world. ProVape and Eventige Media Group were featured in Vape Magazine in an article entitled Crowd Chasers: Marketing Pros Help ProVape ProVari to #1.

Here are some of these top strategies that we utilized for ProVape Fans worldwide to engage, share, connect, and buy into the best personal vaporizer on the market.

Ecig Marketing

This vape advertising strategy will vary depending on the needs and structure of the business, but for ProVape, we focused on increasing its organic ranking through Google search by implementing SEO strategies. Building a relevant web presence as a vaping company is extremely challenging as these types of products cannot utilize Google AdWords or paid acquisition in order to generate website traffic.

However, we were able to position ProVape as the #1 search result on Google and other search engines for quality vaping products through our eCommerce SEO strategies. We then optimized the website load speeds and created a user-friendly interface designed to eliminate any frustration a potential buyer might experience.

Vape Marketing

We developed vape marketing loyalty systems, online contests, and social media aggregate platforms to not only increase retention of existing fans, but also create new ones all around the world. User-submitted photo and video sharing allowed for a quick peek into the world of vaping from the intimate connection within.

Tokyo, Moscow, London, and many other cities (200+) came together to give us a glimpse into the world of vaping through their unique lens.

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