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Building a memorable brand is a lot like creating an ornate wedding cake. Like a pastry chef, a brand design agency combines different ingredients at the right time, to achieve something remarkable (and delicious!).

Creating the right brand drives sales, improves loyalty and sets your company apart from the competition. A brand design agency can manage the entire branding and marketing strategy. It’s their job to future-proof the image, so it stands the test of time. Think Ford, Chanel, Levi Strauss, or Coca-Cola.

Starting with the right strategy, an agency must implement it correctly and maintain consistency across all channels.

Brand Strategy is Crucial for B2C and B2B

If you think about it, a well-known brand is a short cut for buyers. Customers don’t have to read every word on the label because they already know and trust the brand. B2B buyers prefer to purchase an established brand. It means he or she can buy with confidence. Purchasing an inferior product could potentially devastate the company’s reputation and their own.

A brand marketing consultant will help you build a strategy to create the right image. It will define everything the company stands for. It’s more than a slogan, logo, and color palette. The strategy involves the brand’s inspiration, purpose, values, and promise. The agency will advise you on the elements like:

  • Differentiators and your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • The architecture - organizing the different segments of a larger brand
  • Personality traits or human characteristics
  • Detailing the most potent emotional benefits
  • The strategy implementation plan
  • Positioning statements and the brand’s story
  • Guidelines for all visual and operational requirements

Getting the right look and feel ensures your marketing success. The brand design agency will start the process by performing an audit.

Brand Audit – Recognize Strengths and Weaknesses

The audit is a snapshot of where the brand is now and where it needs to be. It’s the starting point of your strategy, and it will cover the essential factors, including:

  • Target Audience
  • Perception
  • Promise
  • Values
  • Voice
  • Positioning

Your branding agency will help you determine the right choices for each of these to create a uniform and memorable image.

Four Areas of Branding Design

Everything your customers see, read, or touch should remain consistent across your marketing environment. The brand design focuses on the customer and falls into four general categories.

1. Color Branding Capitalizes on Emotions

Using the right color matters because colors evoke specific emotions and can impact your sales even more than the products themselves. When surveyed, 93% of buyers responded that they focus on visual appearance. Almost 85% said the color is a primary reason when they made a purchase.

2. Content Branding Establishes Authority

A brand’s content has the power to persuade. A study by Salesforce reported that if the content is authentic, “80% of consumers said it is the most persuasive factor in their decision to follow the brand.”

However, branded content and content for branding are two different entities. Branded content is also known as sponsored content, like an advertorial. Content for branding is informational articles infused with your values, demonstrating that you care about your audience.

3. Logo Branding for Instant Recognition

A logo’s purpose is twofold. It differentiates your company or product, and it attracts potential customers. A brand design agency uses research to combine the best elements of typography, graphics, and color. Statistically, 95% of top brands use only two colors in their logos.

The brain processes images up to 60,000 times faster than words. Using a glyph or other visual in the logo makes it easier for people to remember.

4. Social Media Branding Promotes Loyalty

Social media is a tremendous brand-building opportunity for companies. However, the content must be more than just self-promotion. It’s about interaction and learning what customers want. 45% of people will unfollow a brand if it is too salesy.

Consistency Makes the Difference

Why do people spend thousands of dollars on traveling to foreign cities, then end up eating at McDonald's? Besides being culinarily-challenged, they feel comfortable with a recognizable brand. There are no surprises, and they know what to expect.

Like the Golden Arches, a consistent brand message works for all products and services, whether B2B or B2C. A recent consumer trend report revealed that 77% of consumers have stayed with specific brands for ten or more years siting trust and consistency as the reason for staying with them.

If you are considering creating a new brand or re-branding an older one, we invite you to contact the experts at Eventige Media Group for a consultation.

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