Launching Brand Activation Using an Event Marketing Company

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You’ve just created a fantastic shoe collection, unique cosmetic line or killer industrial widget. Now it’s time to unveil it to the buying public. You want to make a big splash and get buyers interested around the country or the world, and you want to do it fast.

The best way to spread the word quickly is with event marketing. Unveiling your product at an event accomplishes two things. First, it puts your product directly in the hands of potential consumers. You’ll gain valuable feedback.

Secondly, you’ll leverage the power of social media as other people witness, test and review your product and disseminate their discovery at the speed of light. 98% of attendees create digital or social content at events, and 100% share their content.

In a world that has desensitized consumers due to digital marketing, interactive event marketing allows buyers to use all their five senses. An experiential marketing services company can guide you from planning the event to the critical follow up afterward.


Why Event Marketing Works

If you think about it, event marketing was the first type of marketing. It was one buyer and one seller trading an item. The buyer could physically touch or taste the product to determine its suitability.

Today, with the global reach of the internet, it’s not practical to have everyone try before they buy. That’s why event marketing is so critical, especially for new products. 79% of U.S. marketers generate sales with event marketing.

Live events put buyers and products together to gain their reaction and feedback. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sample tasting at the local grocery store or a new product launch at the CES show in Las Vegas. The idea is the same, to put people and products together. The added advantage is that there are hundreds or possibly thousands of other witnesses who will immediately send out reactions on their social posts, creating instant buzz on a global scale.


Four Benefits of Event Marketing

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We’ve talked about the advantage of putting your product into the hands of customers. There are four additional benefits of live experiential marketing. The goal of event marketing campaigns is to get consumers to act.

1. Branding and Awareness

Not all event marketing is handing out free samples. It is limited only by imagination. Some great examples of creating public awareness include:

  • Toyota built a 100-foot tall, custom-fabricated, 3D rock climbing wall in Times Square to build awareness of their new RAV 4 Hybrid.
  • Lipton installed an adult-sized slip and slide in downtown London.
  • On November 5, 2016, Apple compiled photos and video taken by people in 25 countries using their iPhones. The ad showcased the photographic capabilities of the phone with actual users interacting with the device.

Event marketers hope to form long-term emotional connections during live events. They grab attention and bring brands to life.

2. Lead Generation and Demand Generation

Generating demand for your product and capturing leads are two related, but different functions of events. Using a live event to create demand is one facet of a more comprehensive marketing strategy. For example, giveaways work well to generate demand and curiosity for new product launches.

Lead generation works best at events where the prospects already have an interest in your company, and it caters to the right demographic. Face to face meetings and product demonstrations are vital to generating leads at an event.

3. Engaging Customers and Upselling

Nothing compares to the opportunity to meet with customers one-on-one at an event. Events offer the advantage of upselling your customers items or services they may otherwise not know are available.

Customers will appreciate learning about new solutions that address their needs. Using a helpful approach, upselling can improve your customer’s satisfaction and increase loyalty. As every marketer knows, there is a higher ROI in growing existing customers than nurturing new ones.

4. Educating New Customers

Other than networking, most event attendees want new information. They want up to date news about the latest designs, equipment or whatever is relevant to their industry.

Give your prospects what they want, the latest information in as much detail as possible. Set your company apart by offering training, guides, access to webinars or anything that will help them. By helping them to understand a new product or provide a solution, it will build loyalty for future business.

Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing

If you think about a brand, it’s just sitting there like a firecracker. You need to light the fuse to make things happen. That’s what brand activation does; it lights the fuse.

Experiential marketing is one marketing strategy to get people interested and involved by using a product or experiencing a service. It’s the primary form of brand activation focusing on customer experience and interaction. It’s a marketing tool and an environment where you can connect people with your brand on a personal level.

You Need A Qualified Event Marketing Company

There is much more to event marketing than test drives and tastings. Attending or sponsoring a trade show or event is costly. To maximize your ROI, you want a partner who knows the ropes of experiential marketing and will invest your marketing budget wisely. They will plan and guide you before during and after the event.

An event marketing agency will tailor an experience that suits your unique goals and requirements. If you plan to roll out a new product, it’s no time for amateurs. Customers will try your product, provide feedback and broadcast to their social networks in real time. An event is a critical moment for the product and the brand as there is no second chance to wow your customers.

An event marketing company will also aid in following up after the event to solidify leads and continue social promotions.

Contact us to learn more about event marketing tactics for activating your brand, sponsoring or attending a live event. We have over ten years exceeding expectations and provide unique experiences as a full-service event marketing agency. Click the banner below to reach out to us. We can make your next event unforgettable.

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