Top 7 Must-Have Marketing Apps for BigCommerce

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Want your beautiful BigCommerce store to work better? You need the right mix of apps to help acquire, activate, engage and retain users. Fortunately, if you are a BigCommerce customer, you can tap into an extensive app store featuring hundreds of applications from live chat to accounting software and everything to market your products.

Improving your BigCommerce SEO and website performance is a matter of integrating the right tools with just a few clicks.

Even Enterprise stores can save weeks of development time with proven out-of-the-box BigCommerce apps. For example, one retailer uses a BigCommerce integration to sell all of their returns through eBay from a single location.

With so many choices, which ones are right for you?

We use these systems every day so here are the top seven apps we recommend to our readers and to our merchants. They help regardless of how big your store is or which market you serve. Each one has the potential to positively impact your user engagement, spread your brand awareness, conversions, and the bottom line.

1. Klaviyo, Intuitive Email Marketing Platform for BigCommerce Stores

BigCommerce Marketing Apps Blog Klaviyo Dashboard Screenshot

Klaviyo is a robust email marketing platform designed for enterprise eCommerce retailers. It’s made up of a suite of tools for sending, tracking, and automating marketing emails. To read more about Klaviyo, check out this useful resource on how Klaviyo email marketing grows brands. For a free trial and demo, click here

Its features include:

  • Segmentation of email lists using many on and off-site variables for advanced targeting.

  • Functionality to run different campaigns based on data about your visitors’ behavior, including order histories, nearly-completed purchases, and more.

  • In-depth analytics that make it possible to gauge the direct ROI of your e-mail marketing campaigns, right down to the final purchase.

Klaviyo is helping high-volume BigCommerce stores accelerate sales with better marketing. We put ALL of a merchant's customer data at their fingertips and let them use it to target, personalize, and automate email and social ad campaigns. By using more data to send relevant content, merchants are sourcing between 18% - 32% of their quarterly store revenue from their email channel. Providing this level of value for growing brands is what the Klaviyo team lives for.

Parker McMahon, Channel Marketing Manager

There is no easier way to track, target, and engage as many segments as you want to make.

2. Justuno, a Complete Solution for Conversion Optimization

BigCommerce Marketing Apps Blog Justuno Welcome Screen Screenshot

Where Klaviyo aims to help you improve the performance of your email marketing, Justuno's lead gen and pop-ups are all about improving conversions at all stages of your funnel.

The app comes with a range of tools for adding new elements to your BigCommerce store pages and emails such as:

  • Lead capture forms and pop-ups (e.g., exit pop-ups to limit cart abandonment).

  • Enterprise level targeting and segmentation.

  • Smart promotions based on customer behavior.

  • A/B split-testing.

Justuno focuses on maximizing value from existing website traffic. Speaking to visitors with on-site messaging and powerful integrations increases ROI from each step of the funnel. Use our powerful Conversion Analytics for a deeper understanding of how to optimize your website's funnel conversion!

Ben Choy, Demand Marketing

Justuno easily integrates with most email apps and all BigCommerce stores.For a free trial and demo, click here

3. Refersion Makes Running an Affiliate Program a Snap

BigCommerce Marketing Apps Blog Refersion Dashboard Screenshot
If you’ve ever thought about launching an affiliate program but are daunted by the size of the task, then you’ll love Refersion affiliate marketing software. Use this app to build, tailor, and measure all aspects of an affiliate program. It minimizes the complexity and set-up costs by automating tasks like commissions and payments.

Here are some of the best features:

  • Track affiliate sales on your site.

  • Automated approval and commission payments.

  • Affiliate sign-up and portal builder.

  • Analytics and reporting.

  • Access to 24/7 support.

Refersion is designed to help you quickly create and launch your own promotion network. We handle all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on growing your business through partnerships with bloggers, social influencers, ambassadors, and promoters.

Alex Markov, CEO

Increase BigCommerce store revenues and drive leads with an affiliate marketing program. They claim you can have it up and running in 7 minutes.

4. Swell Rewards Builds Loyalty Programs

BigCommerce Marketing Apps Blog Swell Rewards Program Theme Screenshot

We’ve covered email marketing, conversion optimization, and affiliate marketing. But what about loyalty programs?

Due to the high cost of advertising, online retailers understand the importance of keeping their customers happy so they will come back.

Swell Rewards is an easy-to-use app that allows BigCommerce stores to reward customers for a variety of actions. It’s ideal for enterprise-level retailers with high volume.

The app enables you to:

  • Easily enroll visitors into a loyalty program.

  • Automate rewards for purchases and referrals.

  • Create, advertise, and monitor rewards from a simple dashboard.

  • Run unique loyalty promotions based on seasonality, buying holidays, etc.

  • Any messaging on their referral programs can be deployed with or without a loyalty program.

Swell's loyalty and referral programs are customized for each merchant to create an on-brand and seamless UX

Stewart Wesley, Partnerships Lead

Swell has a unique suite of products to design an incentive marketing program. They have the tools to increase store revenues, improve customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value.

5. ViralSweep, A Time-Saving Tool for Encouraging Sharing

BigCommerce Marketing Apps Blog ViralSweep Lead Capture Page Screenshot

ViralSweep inspires “viral behavior” among your customers by making it easy to run promotions both on your website and social media platforms.

It enables you to:

  • Launch and manage sweepstakes, contests, instant wins, referral campaigns, hashtag promotions, and much more.

  • Run competitions that require submissions of user-generated content (like photography contests) and automatically share that content to social media.

  • Collect entries via hashtags on third-party platforms like Facebook.

  • Create networking, co-promotional, and influencer marketing opportunities.

  • Integrates with over 40 different tools, CRM’s, and email marketing platforms.

ViralSweep allows any company to get a promotion up and running on their website within minutes. Generate traffic, entries, and social engagement with easy to use plug and play software. Any marketer can set up a fully compliant promotion without needing a developer. Collect emails to displaying user generated content in a gallery, aggregate hashtags, and incentivize users with entries for completing social actions. ViralSweep is the one tool you should be using for your marketing campaigns.

Giancarlo Massaro, Co-Founder

ViralSweep lets you run multiple promotions on multiple channels to maximize traffic and grow your email list.

6. Yotpo, Best Customer Content Collection Platform

BigCommerce Marketing Apps Blog Yotpo Dashboard Screenshot

Yotpo is one of the most popular all-in-one UGC platforms on the web, and for a good reason. To get started here is some more information about Yotpo Reviews or dive into a free trial here

Here are a few ways you can use Yotpo to grow your sales and revenue, which collecting valuable UGC content and increasing your email and SMS list sizes.

  • Collect every type of content (reviews, images, Q&A).

  • Display that content on-site in order to boost CVR.

  • Leverage the user-generated content to create promotional materials, like Facebook ads or Instagram posts, with just a few clicks.

  • Automate interpretation of all this data to deliver customer insights in order to measure product and customer service performance.

The world of eCommerce is changing. In order for brands to succeed in this space, it is necessary to develop a community and stay on top of customer feedback. This allows merchants to improve products and customer services in a proactive way. Our goal is to help brands generate large amounts of user-generated content and enable them to organize it in an actionable manner. This community and content will help your brand acquire traffic, increase on-site conversions and build an effective go-to-market strategy around UGC in all forms.

Max Meister Admoni, US Partnerships

Through Yotpo's partnership with Google, all content will be automatically indexed, in order to improve organic search ranking and power your Google Ads campaign with Google Seller Rating.

7. InstantSearch+, Accurate Site Search Functionality

BigCommerce Marketing Apps Blog InstantSearch+ Sample Sales Page Screenshot

InstantSearch+ is a simple BigCommerce site search integration for eCommerce stores. It has some great features, including:

  • Auto-complete, auto-correct, and synonyms search to find the correct item regardless of misspellings.

  • Utilizing machine learning and natural language for better search results.

  • Analyzes big data of real-time shopper behavior to generate accurate product recommendations.

  • Segmented offers based on Geo-targeting and dates (such as holidays and special promotions.)

  • Customizable search results to promote specific products.

If your current eCommerce site search solution isn’t cutting it, your bottom line is probably at a mere 40% of its true potential. Give your shoppers what they need and deserve: A stellar site and an efficient, intuitive way to find what they want to buy.

Zohar Gilad, CEO and Co-Founder

If you haven’t already added search functionality to your store, you could be missing out on some of your highest converting visitors. Used by most big eCommerce players, InstantSearch+ creates a positive shopping experience, helping you sell more.

BigCommerce Apps to Maximize Your Sales

Add value to your business by beginning with these seven apps from the BigCommerce app store. The goal is to maximize your profits without adding complexity.

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