Scale Faster with BigCommerce Enterprise

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Does the volume of new growth bog down your enterprise eCommerce business like an overloaded camel in soft sand? The costs and complexities of maintaining an on-premise platform can be monumental. Moreover, if your current eCommerce platform cannot keep up with the ever-changing demands and technologies, customers will start shopping elsewhere.

If your team spends more time with daily damage control rather than managing the business, it’s time to look at BigCommerce Enterprise.


A More Flexible System

BigCommerce Enterprise is a SaaS system. Along with being more flexible, the advantages SaaS has over on-premise platforms include:

  • Simpler Development Solutions – Developers get full access to all front end code (HTML, CSS, and Javascript), allowing for maximum flexibility and shorter development times.

  • Lower Cost of Ownership - Companies do not need to spend on infrastructure, support, and permanent IT staff. As a SaaS solution, BigCommerce handles the infrastructure, hosting and provides 24/7 technical support using their personnel, not an outsourced third-party.

  • Better Integrations, Faster Implementation – Open APIs, and unlimited API calls allow companies to integrate and customize their CRM, ERP, and PIM applications. BigCommerce also has native, multi-channel integrations with Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • Total Infrastructure Support – BigCommerce is responsible for upgrading and maintaining all software, hardware, and security. That removes the additional expense, time, and complexity from the merchant’s shoulders.

The most significant value of SaaS is that merchants no longer have to manage every aspect of their eCommerce IT program. Trained and experienced developers manage these tasks.


Reduced Setup and Migration Times

For a new catalog migration, a company typically works with BigCommerce and a certified partner such as Eventige. Usually it takes no longer than four months for a new store to go live. That’s half the time it takes for new builds or migrations to other platforms, which can take eight months or more.

BigCommerce is committed to improving site speed as well with investments in Google AMP, mobile-responsive themes, Akamai Image Manager, and CDN's (Contact Develivery Networks) to ensure merchants have the fastest sites.


Built-In Integrations and Apps

They built-in all essential core functionality required by enterprise-level companies without reliance on third-party applications. However, they continue to grow their network of vendor/partners who create innovative integrations that enhance your eCommerce ecosystem. You’ll find multiple solutions for every area of your business. Unlimited API calls make it economical for developers to customize any integrations.

Regarding security, BigCommerce Enterprise includes Level 1 PCI DSS 3.2 protection. It’s fully compliant with the latest credit card industry standards. There is no need to waste time configuring other apps or integrations.

In the event you don’t already have a suite of software, our BigCommerce developers can help integrate the right solutions for your needs.


Designed for Rapid, Unlimited Growth

BigCommerce Enterprise handles unlimited API calls, making future migrations due to growth unnecessary.

BigCommerce designed their platform to perform at the highest volumes. Features such as one-page checkout, dedicated SSL, multiple languages, and currency capabilities ensure you can capitalize on international expansion. BigCommerce partners with industry-leaders in payments, shipping, POS, and lending solutions.

They report a 99.9% up-time, something critical for any business. While they have excellent customer support, it’s best to have a dedicated team like Eventige on-hand to help with on-going maintenance and unforeseen issues.

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