Exploring the Best Shopify Themes for Fashion Brands

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By Gavin Write
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With fierce competition in the rapidly expanding online fashion world, selecting the right Shopify theme for your fashion brand can be decisive. There are currently 157 options on the popular eCommerce platform, making it tough to find the best Shopify themes for conversion. 

When customers arrive at your clothing website, its design is the first thing they see, meaning that it must catch the eye and offer a look that matches your brand's energy and value. This article examines some of the best Shopify themes for clothing store owners to provide an impactful statement that keeps visitors browsing and buying.


Option 1 - Ella

Our first pick is Ella, a theme offering multiple page options and blocks for eCommerce store owners. This SEO-friendly choice has more than 18 different layouts (a.k.a. skins), as well as 25 collection page variants and 9 for product pages. 

Available for $48, it offers a selection of features that include:

  • AJAX techniques (Provides filtered search results without a page reload).

  • Instagram shop integration lets you sell to your customers on social media.

  • Allows social sharing to enhance visibility.

  • 3D media video and models. 

  • An 'ask an expert' pop-up

Ideal for: Brands that need more customization features than a standard free option but still need to keep a tight rein on budget.


Option 2 - Glossier

Glossier is another of the best Shopify themes for clothing brands, offering a classy multipurpose option for beauty and fashion retail. It delivers a modern, minimalist look with multiple customization capabilities and several homepage and product page layouts. 

Costing just $48, users get a theme that's compatible with Shopify 2.0, and setup is easy thanks to the simple drag-and-drop page builder. Among its many features, you'll find:

  • Lookbooks - a super feature for showcasing products
  • A range of distinctive and captivating layouts
  • A fully responsive design
  • Custom product labels
  • Multiple currencies
  • Customer reviews

Ideal for: Fashion startups looking to create a modern, trendy online store experience that epitomizes expansive choice and glossy high-end shopping.


Option 3 - Retina

Another popular choice from Shopify's theme inventory is Retina - a highly customizable option offering features that elevate your products and boost sales. Allowing brands to stand out against competitors, it's a professional theme with four preset layout templates.

At $220, it caters to the fact that more and more fashion customers are shopping via mobiles. With a stunning testimonials feature and back-in-store alerts, it also offers:

  • A mobile-friendly design
  • Easy setup and customization
  • Promos popups and banners
  • A handy Quick-buy feature

Ideal for: Brands that wish to showcase their wares in high definition via a visually captivating online, multi-level storefront that lets customers leave reviews.


Option 4 - Blum

Next, we have Blum, a niche theme that Shopify aims at the fashion, health and beauty sectors and offers a wealth of image display choices - an aspect that makes it one of the best Shopify themes for conversion. It also rates very well for page speed and offers an excellent mobile experience

Blum is available for $290 and offers Celia, Mondo, and Solie styles, in addition to an array of useful features such as:

  • A smooth and captivating storytelling layout
  • Feature product carousel & customizable pop-ups
  • Fully compatible Online Store 2.0 features
  • Intuitive user navigation
  • 24/7 live chat support

Ideal for: Clothing retailers looking for a sophisticated apparel design that loads fast and offers a slick and enjoyable experience on mobile devices.


Option 5 - Impulse

Any clothing brand that wants to create a store that focuses on contemporary aesthetics and vivid visual appeal should consider Impulse. With customizable image blocks, a full-width video header and parallax scrolling effects, you can offer an immersive online retail experience.

Impulse is a little pricier at $350, but you'll know where that extra investment went when you see its quick-view pop-ups and great aspects like color and size filtering. As well as being extremely mobile responsive, the following features are on offer with this theme:

  • An intuitive customer navigation experience

  • The ability to process large numbers of transactions

  • Customization of page layout 

  • Lightning-fast page loading speed

  • Compatible with Shopify 2.0

Ideal for: Luxury clothing brands needing a high degree of customization and retailers with a large inventory requiring Mega Menu support.


Why Your Shopify Theme Matters to Your Clothing Brand

Naturally, you want your clothing brand website to look good. You're in the fashion world, after all. However, the benefits of finding the best Shopify theme extend beyond aesthetics. Here are a few reasons why taking the time to identify the most suitable choice matters.


Fast-Loading Themes Can Boost SEO Optimization

Most new Shopify themes are optimized for fast page loading, which can uplift your SEO optimization. Page speed is one of the critical signals that Google uses to rank your site, as it can positively or negatively affect the user experience. Shopify Analyzer lets you test the optimization level of the best Shopify themes for clothing brands.


You Can Increase Customer Engagement

The longer a customer spends on your website, the more likely they will make purchases. The best Shopify themes for conversion elevate the customer experience with features that add depth to your site. It allows for a more captivating and engaging for visitors and helps encourage them to stick around.


It Defines Brand Your Perception

If you want to create an excellent impression for potential customers, your Shopify theme is crucial, perhaps even more so than your logo. Choose correctly, and you reinforce the brand perception you desire to create in the minds of visitors rather than convincing them to go somewhere else.


Finding the Best Shopify Theme to Create an Inspiring Customer Experience

With increasing numbers of online clothing stores launching, you must do what you can to take your eCommerce store to the next level. Creating an experience that holds the attention of buyers and keeps them coming back requires fashion brands to continuously innovate their approach.

Investing in the best Shopify themes for conversion, mobile use, and user experience can create visually exciting shopping journeys,  the perfect brand perception and easy ways for customers to purchase. Now, that sounds like a formula for success.

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