7 Benefits of PPC Advertising For Your Business

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If you've ever used Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising before, you know that it can be a very direct and effective way to market your business. As such, it's a widely-used marketing tool, and with global search ad spending predicted to hit $781 billion in 2022 alone, it's only going to grow in popularity.

In this article, we'll be looking more closely at PPC advertising and highlighting seven major benefits it offers. However, let's first explain the concept to those not familiar with it.

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click, or PPC as it's otherwise known, is a type of advertising that involves the marketer paying a small fee every time a potential customer clicks on one of their ads.

One of the aspects of PPC advertising that some people love is that you only end up paying for the traffic generated. The amount you pay for these ads will vary depending on the competition that exists in your sector, but they do offer a measure of budget and performance control.

'Paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent - a 200% ROI'

There are a number of platforms providing PPC services, with Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads and Google Ads being amongst the most popular. However, it's the latter that's most widely used, based on the variety of options and large search volumes.

Essentially, there are three main types of Google advertising:

  • Display Network - Usually an image-based ad that is shown on sites that are visited by your audience, typically as a footer, sidebar or banner.
  • Search Network - Text-based ads that appear in Google search results.
  • Video - Represented by the ads you see on YouTube at various points in the videos played.

PPC ads are all about encouraging people to carry out a specific action that's valuable to the marketer. This might be signing up for a subscription, buying a product, downloading some kind of digital content or a request for a quote.

The Many Advantages of PPC Advertising

So, now we reach the most interesting part of the article as we go through some of the many benefits PPC offers. By reading to the end, you'll get a good idea of what all the fuss is about.

Benefit #1 - PPC Ads are Cost-Effective

The budget control aspect of PPC advertising is hard to ignore, as you get complete freedom with regard to your ad placements and costs. As you progress, marketers are able to quickly find that 'sweet spot' as you attempt to find a good balance between results and budget.

'53% of paid clicks are made on mobile devices'

You pay for the click, that's all. So, you won't have to fork out for reach or ad impressions, so you're in complete and total control, always.

Benefit #2 - Traffic Is Generated Quickly

When you engage in SEO to boost your organic marketing and page ranking, it can literally take months before you see the results. That's not to say that this route isn't an effective one, it’s just that you have to understand that it takes time for good things to happen.

While we'd always recommend a long-term strategy for your brand, PPC ads are great for generating immediate sales. This helps to give you success while you're waiting for your organic efforts to kick in.

That's the thing, you see, PPC works instantly. It's a little like turning on a tap, and despite having to pay for the ads themselves, you'll generate revenue, brand awareness and all those other metrics that marketers need to concern themselves with.

Benefit #3 - PPC Ads Success is Easy to Measure

When you're analyzing metrics for other forms of marketing, it's invariably more complex to measure your success. However, PPC ads make it simple to gauge performance, allowing you to see what's working fast and make the necessary adjustments until you reach a positive return on investment (ROI).

'Traffic brought through PPC advertising yields 50% more conversions than organic advertising'

With an A/B testing approach, you can highlight your most successful ads and see what it is that made them successful. Then you can ensure that all your subsequent ads are put together in a similar manner.

Benefit #4 - Warm Leads Are Created

When someone clicks on one of your ads, they are immediately demonstrating a buying intent. As such, they can be classed as a warm lead, meaning that they're actively looking for the kinds of products and services that you're offering.

This means that not only do you stand a much better chance of getting the sale, but you're getting your products put in front of people who want what you're selling. This is the very definition of warm selling, which, as any salesman will tell you, is far, far easier.

Benefit #5 - PPC Ads Complement SEO

While organic keywords are often kept secret, that's not the case with PPC. What does this mean? It means that you're able to obtain a complete overview of keywords that are proven to convert. You also get lots of useful info, like conversion percentage and the cost of each click.

So, nothing is stopping you from taking these great keywords and using them as part of your SEO approach. You can even add them to your content and website, including them in your metadata, titles and tags. In a sense, this allows you to skip the organic process to some degree.

Benefit #6 - PPC Ads Aren't Affected by Algorithm Updates

Anyone who has ever run an SEO campaign for their website will know that Google updates can really upset the applecart. You could be flying high on the first page one moment and be nowhere the next, simply because Google has changed the criteria with regard to the important ranking aspects.

'Brand awareness can be increased by up to 80% through Google paid ads'

However, this is not something that impacts PPC ads at all, meaning that it's a much more stable way of marketing. Of course, there are also new PPC algorithms from time to time, but they tend to be much less frequent and not nearly as impactful. This allows you to plan for the future with greater confidence.

Benefit #7 - A Variety of Targeting Options Exists

Last on our list of PPC benefits is the laser targeting that it allows. It's an option that gives you incredible detailed metrics at your fingertips relating to age, location, interests etc. This enables you to specifically target customers and get your products seen by those most likely to buy.

Moreover, as you progress through your PPC campaign, your experiments will clearly define the precise kind of person who makes a purchase. It's the kind of insight that marketers dream about.

PPC Ads - Something Every Marketer Needs to Consider

Before you rule out PPC ads in your marketing plan remember that PPC campaigns are scalable for different size budgets. We've touched on seven of the advantages of PPC ads, but campaign metrics will tell you that there are many more.

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