Why Social Creators Are So Trusted in Beauty Marketing

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Whether talking about Huda Kattan on Instagram or Mari Maria on Tiktok, it's hard to deny the popularity of social media influencers in modern-day America. In beauty marketing, they represent the most trusted source of advice for Millennials and Gen Zers nationwide, offering hands-on tips and recommendations about beauty products.

72% of Gen Z and Millennials follow influencers on social media


In an era where the term 'Selfie' was coined, the beauty industry continually diversifies and evolves, with new trends constantly appearing. The beauty industry is stronger than ever, and this particular area of the eCommerce landscape represents a significant opportunity for beauty brands looking to increase engagement and sales - something we explore in this article.


Why Are Creators So Trusted in Beauty Marketing?

As an experienced digital marketing agency for beauty industry brands can attest, customers who want product advice place great value on the advice given by social media influencers. Consumers increasingly view traditional advertising with skepticism, given the apparent bias and perceived lack of authenticity.

On the other hand, beauty influencers are regular homemakers, moms, or students, and people see them as offering an honest and authentic voice. Each influencer provides a unique take on beauty, with audiences ranging from 10,000 loyal followers (micro) to 1m+ (mega influencers).

Other factors driving the popularity of influencers in beauty marketing include:

  • Followers can choose influencers with the same skin conditions they have
  • Practical advice & live/interactive tutorials make followers feel involved
  • No hard-selling is typically done, with soft recommendations used instead
  • Everyday language is used rather than industry jargon

The beauty influencers a person follows can come down to an affinity with the individual or the advice they provide. Either way, it's about choice, so if one influencer isn't offering what the viewer needs, there are plenty more people to connect with. 


How Beauty Influencers Guide Shopping Choices

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According to a recent Genz shopper study by LTK - a shopping app powered by influencer content - influencers in beauty marketing will comprise the most prominent consumer segment within just a few years. It uncovered compelling insights, such as that 75% of GenZers base their in-store and online buying decisions on creator recommendations.

In the 2nd half of 2022, micro-influencers accounted for 7.7% of the influencer Media Impact Value (MIV)


This figure is 21% higher than the general population, proving that creators are trusted more than celebrities and social media advertising. Relatability and personality are also critical to the experience, where people can get style advice while discovering new products and brands. 

The truth is that most people neither have the time nor the money to test out all the beauty products available for suitability. Beauty influencers make decision-making easier for followers and deliver simple, easy-to-understand advice. 

Imagine seeing a friend who knows way more than you about beauty and skincare - you're going to trust their judgment. That trust makes beauty influencers persuasive in the beauty marketing sphere.


Other Useful Insights Into Influencer Marketing

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The LTK study offers a wealth of insights into influencer marketing, which makes for compelling reading to marketers in the skincare, makeup and associated beauty sectors. Some of the highlights detailed within the report include:

  • All Beauty Influencer Levels Are Popular - ou'll find an array of different lifestyles in the GenZ group, with each person able to find connections with all levels of beauty influencers. Depending on the follower's unique styles, needs and interests, they cater for the niche interests of GenZers and better suit their needs.

  • Beauty Influencers Help Reduce GenZ Returns - During 2022, the total returns for US retailers represented $816 billion in lost sales, but it would seem that creator-guided beauty marketing has a positive impact on this statistic. 

    LTK's study showed that more than half of GenZ shoppers said they would be less likely to return a product after seeing a creator unbox and use it in their video content. There's much to say about the impact creators can have on customer satisfaction, and it's all based on trust and knowing what to expect.

  • GenZ is Led By Trends, Budget & Environmental Impact - What GenZers are looking for in the products they purchase? The report uncovered that price and being on-trend are the highest drivers, with 63% citing these as the main buying reasons.

    Next-most-popular, according to 43% of respondents, is environmental-friendliness. Climate change is high on the agenda for many in this group, so naturally, it's a factor that many born between 1997 and 2012 hold dear to their hearts.


Using Beauty Influencer Marketing to Expand Your Brand

Influencer marketing represents a significant opportunity when a digital marketing agency for beauty industry brands seeks to make noise in a very competitive beauty space. 

Enabling beauty businesses to build credibility and trust with their target audiences, it's a beauty marketing channel that's growing rapidly, with more than 40,000 influencers sharing beauty-specific recommendations and posts in 2023. 

By teaming up with a suitable beauty influencer for your brand, you get to extend your reach in the most authentic way possible - something that Gen Z, in particular, value highly.

As part of your overall eCommerce marketing strategy in the beauty industry, leveraging the power of influencers is a win-win, as brands get exposure and influencers get to provide value to their followers. For all the reasons covered, it's a marketing resource that warrants serious consideration.

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