Boost Your Online Sales With Amazon Storefronts

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By Gavin Write
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Are you currently running an eCommerce business? Are you looking for ways to boost your sales? If so, then you should consider setting up your own Amazon Storefront. Why? Because it offers a range of benefits to both small and medium-sized businesses that you can’t afford to ignore.

In this article, we will illustrate those benefits. We’ll start off, however, by telling you a little about the feature offered by the commercial behemoth that is Amazon.

What Are Amazon Storefronts?

Launched back in 2018, Amazon Storefronts is a way for businesses to sell their products directly through Amazon. While most of the Jeff Bezos-owned company is focused on large-scale enterprise, Amazon Storefronts was set up to highlight the ware of small businesses. As Amazon experts, we're always being asked about how to leverage the platform best - Amazon storefronts is just one example.

Featuring collections curated by the platform, unique products are offered for a true small-business experience. You see, Amazon wants its customers to have a ‘Mom & Pop’ store experience rather than having to sift through thousands of different online sellers.

We’re talking about a real frontier here, too, as currently, just a select few are included in this new feature. That’s set to change in the near future, as Amazon intends to expand things, adding new categories over the coming weeks and months.

Unique Amazon Storefront Features

When you have your own Amazon Storefront, you get to enjoy a range of different features that all serve to help you connect better with your customers. Let’s take a look at just some.

  • Stores Scheduling - allowing you to manage your store better, Amazon Storefronts allows you to publish updates at set times and dates. This allows you to plan forward and ensure your store’s publishing schedule is aligned with brand updates, product launches and seasonal changes. Once submitted, you can request a specific point at which the changes go live.

  • Shoppable Collection Images - want to provide some context to your products and make them even more enticing? Well, shoppable images might just be the way to do that, with rich images that feature your products and allow customers to find out details like price, ratings and Prime availability just by clicking on the picture on the image. They can even add the product to their shopping cart in the same way!

  • Images With Text - showcasing your products well is very easy, thanks to Amazon Storefront’s Images With Text feature. It works by allowing you to add descriptive text to images, complete with customizable alignment, color, size and location. This also has the welcome side effect of also enhancing your store's SEO and driving traffic via 3rd party search engines.

  • Bulk & Out of Stock Product Management - keeping your store products updated as to what’s in and out of stock can be a laborious task. Not so when using Amazon Storefronts, as it allows for the bulk-uploading of products into featured deal tiles and product grids. Other options include the automatic ‘hiding’ of products that are out of stock.

The Benefits of having both an eCommerce & Amazon Storefront

When you run just an eCommerce store in isolation, it’s a great thing to have, but driving traffic to it takes time, effort and money to achieve. However, when you run an Amazon Storefront alongside it, you get to leverage the power of the platform to your advantage.

Running Amazon Storefronts adjacent to your eCommerce store allows you to:

  • Build Brand Visibility & Awareness - when shoppers visit Amazon on one of their product pages, they can click directly through to your storefront. This is also possible directly from Google Search results, opening you up to many, many more potential customers. Even if it doesn’t lead to a sale, your brand will make a favorable impression that might lead to one later.

  • Increase Your Sales - the more of your products that your customers see, the more they’re likely to end up purchasing. So, when someone clicks through on your Amazon Storefront and sees your full product portfolio, more sales naturally ensue. Whether upselling, cross-selling, or simply selling more, the net result is the same - extra revenue!

  • Offer Relevant Products - relevance plays a big part in successful online sales, and Amazon helps in this regard too. Allowing you to set up bespoke categories like ‘Trending’, ‘Gifts’ or ‘Summer Products’, you can help to guide your visitors to what they’re looking for. Dynamic content also automatically showcases recommended and best-selling products - greatly increasing the chances of conversion.

  • Create New Marketing Opportunities - when you have an Amazon brand page, you get your own unique URL, which makes your page easy to find for anyone wanting to come back and buy from you again. It’s also possible to drive traffic to your Amazon store using email, social media or even sponsored ads.

  • Put Your Customers First - while it’s always the preference of eCommerce store owners for customers to buy directly from their website, however, most would just rather purchase straight from Amazon instead. By having an Amazon Storefront in place, you allow your customers to buy the way they want to.

The fact is that over 60% of all US online shoppers start their search for any kind of product on Amazon, so it’s a great place to have a presence. Prime Membership is now up to 168 million in America alone, so if you’re a customer-centric operator, you need to be there, and Amazon Storefronts makes it possible.

So if you’d like to get started on setting up your own storefront, you should watch this Amazon Webinar that tells you all about how to get it done.

Getting You The eCommerce Success Your Efforts Deserve

If you haven’t come across Amazon Storefronts before and this is the first you’ve heard of it, we’re thankful that we’ve been able to make you aware of it. It offers much to eCommerce store owners, and as the features grow, so will the marketing possibilities.

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