Amazon Pay – Why Your eCommerce Business Needs It

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Have you ever run into a grocery store to buy some milk on the way home? You think that it’s going to be a fast in and out trip and you’ll be on your way in a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, our quick shopping trips rarely go as planned.

Inevitably, you find only one cashier working at comatose speed, and a grocery cart in front of you stacked to the brim. Do you leave the milk and go home empty-handed or waste 20 minutes to go through the checkout?

Millions of online shoppers face the same dilemma, with a high percentage leaving their shopping cart. In a recent consumer survey, Statista polled shoppers on why they abandoned their shopping carts. Checkout friction was the top reason. 9% quit due to a long and confusing checkout process, and 22% of shoppers refused to create another user account simply to check out. 

Amazon Pay offers a solution to payment friction. It lets Amazon users pay for goods and services on your eCommerce website without having to set up another payment account. It uses the payment information already stored in their Amazon accounts. Click here to learn additional advantages of Amazon Pay.

What Is Different About Amazon Pay?

Amazon created its payment option to provide a seamless payment gateway with its Amazon platform. It accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB (Japan Credit Bureau). Merchants who use Amazon Pay can accept both credit and debit cards along with transfers from your available Amazon Pay account balance.

For consumers, the service connects the payment methods already associated with their Amazon account to make donations or pay on third-party websites, in apps, and using Alexa.

eCommerce Plugins for Any Merchant

Amazon integrates with almost any eCommerce platform using plugins. Here are the current plugins as listed on their site:

  • 3DCart
  • BigCommerce
  • FoxyCart
  • LemonStand
  • Magento
  • Miva
  • OpenCart
  • Recurly
  • Shopify
  • ShopSite
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce
  • X-Cart

If you don’t see the platform or plugin you want, contact us and we can work with our team at Amazon on possible custom deployment.

Why We Recommend It

As an Amazon Pay agency, we recommend it because our clients grow faster. The advantage is that they don’t have to sell on Amazon to tap into their 300 million account holders. Stores offering Amazon Pay benefit from the security and brand reputation of the brand.

Customers love it because they don’t need to remember pins, passwords, or other info to make a purchase. With just a couple of clicks, they can checkout using the information stored in their Amazon account.

Amazon Pay supports a wide range of transactions, including one-time payments, recurring payments, digital products, pre-orders, and micro-payments.

Streamlining Your Checkout Improves Conversions

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Amazon Pay is a payment gateway that simplifies the checkout process. Your shoppers can quickly pay without leaving your website. It eliminates your customer’s frustration of creating a new account, remembering their password, or having to enter billing and shipping information. 

If you are a merchant looking to upgrade your payment methods, we are an Amazon Pay agency that has worked through dozens of integrates and can walk you through implementation, which is very simple and quick.

Your average order checkouts will increase, your abandoned carts will go down, and you will see increased sales within 24-48 hours after activating Amazon Pay.

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