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By Alexei Alankin
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When you’re running an eCommerce store of any kind, you need all the help you can get to gain a competitive advantage. One way in which you can do that is by offering the kind of customer experience that keeps people coming back.

Offering enhanced customer service is easier than you might think, thanks to call center software like Aircall, which offers a wide range of features to serve your customers. Aircall's services will make your customers feel looked after when buying from you. It’s an option that all eCommerce operators should consider.

What Is Aircall?

Essentially, Aircall is virtual call center software that acts very much like a regular call center. It allows you to set customized schedules, meaning you know precisely when your team members are available to take calls. It also allows you to find all of your users and numbers in a single location, regardless of where they’re located around the world.

Other features offered by Aircall software include:

  • Voicemail - allowing you to record messages and upload them, as well as create customized greetings for when you’re away.

  • Call Routing - Aircall’s customized ring rules and distribution mean that every call is directed to the most appropriate team member.

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) - customers get through to who they’re looking for at the first attempt because of this feature.

  • Extensions - just like with a regular legacy phone system, this software gives every team member a personalized 3-digit extension.

Why Your eCommerce Brand Needs Call Center Software

Of course, the purpose of an eCommerce store is to make sales and turn a profit. However, when success comes and things get busy, it can get harder to keep things moving smoothly. Investing in an eCommerce call center solution like Aircall allows you to increase sales, as well as answer queries and resolve issues both before and after a sale has been made.

Brand Loyalty & Customer Retention

There’s much less waiting involved for the customer, with their needs being met in good time - helping you to retain customers, and at the same time strengthening your brand loyalty.

Cloud-based eCommerce call center software enables you to offer multiple channels for communication that basically makes things easier for your customers. What’s more, its analytics functions provide the insight needed to fine-tune your approach.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics represent a crucial element for most types of businesses, as they provide insight into how things are going, where you’re performing well and where you’re not. Aircall provides this feature to help you track a range of metrics, such as:

  • Total number of inbound/outbound calls
  • Total time spend on inbound/outbound calls
  • Average wait time until connected to an agent
  • Average calls received per user
  • % of missed calls
  • % of voicemails left by callers

Not only does this allow you to see at a glance how your customer service is performing, but it also provides insight into the activity of individual team members - invaluable when trying to provide employee training. Integrations to Google Analytics and other tracking systems is also important to take into consideration when integrating your systems and platforms. For some great tips on which metrics to view, here are the best google analytics metrics to track for your store.

Employee Training Features

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In order for your whole team to get the absolute most out of a platform like Aircall, it’s important that they’re all working from the same proverbial hymn sheet. This is where the software’s employee training features come in really useful.

Let’s take a look at the features that make that possible:

  • Call Monitoring: this Aircall feature allows you to sit in on a call in real-time and even provide advice to your team during a call without disrupting the flow of the conversation - thanks to its Call Whispering ability.

  • Call Recording: it’s also possible to go over old calls in slow time for strategic coaching purposes.

With live and delayed call monitoring, you’ll get to see how consistently scripts are being followed, and instant prompts can be made right when they’re needed.

Easy CRM Integration

If you already have a CRM tool like HubSpot or Salesforce in place, is integrating Aircall a simple process? Absolutely, yes. It’s easy enough to connect, as well as to surface contact details and old call notes and start offering a much more personalized experience.

When your team has everything it needs automatically synced into your CRM, it very much limits the manual work they have to do. This means they can concentrate on serving your customers and meeting their quotas more quickly.

Sales Solutions

If we haven’t yet given you sufficient reason to consider Aircall for your eCommerce call center needs, then its sales solution features will surely tip you over the edge! These great features make the job of serving your customers easier for all your team members and include:

  • Power Dialer - this feature allows you to make sales calls in rapid succession, as the software automatically captures numbers from any web page.

  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) - enabling enhanced team productivity, this one-click CTI lets you customize workflows for a seamless customer experience.

  • Disposition Codes & Call Tags - offering all the context your team needs, these call tags and disposition codes allow for smooth follow-ups and smart decisions.

  • Click to Dial - able to save time every day, this single click dialing from the Aircall app saves seconds on each call - that eventually adds up!

Customer Service

When everything is boiled down to its base elements, call center software is there to improve the customer service that you’re able to offer. It allows potential clients to move to the bottom of your sales funnel more rapidly - meaning sales also come more quickly.

The great thing is that offering this kind of smooth service will make you busier, but with Aircall there to support you, you’ll be able to handle it.

Gain Control of Your eCommerce Business With Aircall

As you can see, eCommerce software like this can make a big difference to how your teams operate and how successful they are. It would be true to say that it can be a real game changer, and all for a relatively low ongoing cost. Aircall is a good resource for improving your customer relationships for any online business.

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