Agency of the Future. Are You Prepared?

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A Group Of People In A Meeting Room of A Digital Marketing Agency Trying Out Virtual Reality Devices For Working Remotely

About 25 years ago, there were 61 million pagers or “beepers” connecting people to one another. It was a hot item, and the “gotta have it” business tool of the day. Laptops were just coming into the picture and ran on Windows 3.1/DOS 6.0 with a whopping 120 MB hard disc.

In 2008, GPS was taking the consumer products industry by storm. The Android operating system made its debut and Apple opened the first App Store, much to the chagrin of Blackberry.

But, through all those years and despite the rapid technological changes, employers and employees still worked the same way. The workplace remained stagnated and robotic. It was a commute to work, punch the clock, go home and do it again routine. And it’s still the norm for most companies…

Except for Eventige.

We threw out the punch clock mentality right from the get-go. Eventige uses a remote working structure that allows our people the flexibility to work and live wherever they want.

And, since our people have a better work and life balance, our clients say they get better results, faster, and see the quality levels of team culture and composition instantly increase.

So, how did our company get started this way?

Remote Working Structure

Over the years, the Eventige team has grown to encompass teams from New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Miami, Los Angeles, London in the UK, Moscow in Russia, and Kiev in the Ukraine. Although our teams operate remotely and autonomously, everyone enjoys great benefits. We continue to focus on hiring talent with passion, a strong work ethic, and a focus on delivering quality. No longer tied to a geographical area, our HR Managers feel that talent supersedes location, and that’s the point of hiring a remote workforce.

Eventige has replaced team-building office time with team-building retreats, conferences, and events. According to the team, “we still get a ton of face-to-face time, it’s just usually mixed with visiting new places, checking out new experiences, and doing it together.”

Hiring skilled and experienced people, no matter where they live is better for our clients and us.

Accessing Global Talent

The world is shrinking with better communication apps than ever, and Eventige has embraced this technology. It only takes a few clicks to have a real-time, face-to-face meeting online with groups of people regardless of their location.

Physical location is no longer an issue. We have access to some of the best designers and creative talent anywhere, a worldwide talent pool to meet any client’s needs.

The Cloud Cuts Costs

Working in the cloud enables our teams to access their work at any time of the day. By working on what matters, we deliver exceptional results in less time for less money. Our clients don’t have to wait until the project is unveiled to see if their investment is a hit or a miss. They are an integral part of the creative process and can view progress in real-time. This transparency keeps the train on the right track and avoids costly delays.

Our customers can use the same secure collaboration tools we use to communicate and share ideas. They can monitor a project at any time, giving them peace of mind. The remote working structure makes projects convenient and accessible anytime, anywhere. It adds value, saves time, and reduces the cost for the client.

Whatever new technology they invent to replace today’s tech, Eventige will adopt it to keep our clients first in the marketing race.

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