An Agency Behind The Brand: The Inside Look

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Too many companies feel like they can internalize every business area but when management is spread too thin... the bottom-line suffers. We see this happen every day and this problem isn't new, it’s just become far more accelerated in recent years. Technology has changed the way we play the game and brands are fighting for pole position in this ever-evolving digital race; but the question remains: how do you stay on top?

Product Theory

We all know that two heads are better than one, but giving up control many find to be challenging, and rightfully so. Control is an innate aspect of the human psyche and is designed to be a means of preserving life. But how does this need for control affect our business relationships, growth potential, and bottom line?

If you think about the core of any business, the most fundamental component is the company's product or service. This is what lies at the forefront of why a company exists. In most cases, the product or service solves a problem, fulfills a need, or improves upon existing inventions to provide people with a better quality of life.

When this product or service remains the #1 priority for all management and employees, the brand will have the strength it needs to put forth the best possible solution in terms of R&D and Product Development.

"Great job everyone!" yells management. "Now we need a ton of sales!" comes right after... and this is where things start to fall apart and change.

The Shape Shift

With the product or service in hand, the company starts to morph from a reliable and focused R&D to a fast and loose marketing machine, trying everything possible to sell products and recoup the investment. Again, in many cases, this happens because of our innate protective tendencies and insecurity. Statements like "Only we understand our product and how to market it properly" or "Using an agency is expensive, it’s best we do the marketing in-house."

And this is when the "Shape Shift" occurs. The change from a focus on production to a focus on forward-facing marketing strategy, e-mail blasts, and random initiatives takes place. Like shooting with a shotgun... the spray goes everywhere, but the target remains intact, the shooter is to blame and now everyone's in trouble. It's the team's fault. They did it wrong. They didn't anticipate, prepare or do their best. But maybe they did... maybe the shotgun approach is the best they could do and it’s truly not their fault.

The Realization

The target stands strong, some minor hits from the shotgun spray are there but no true market penetration has taken place. Production is angry, so is management... and competitors are using sniper rifles to take out key market strongholds. What a mess! And this is when it dawns on companies to reach out for a helping hand.

This is where and when Eventige Media Group meets most of our clients. Battered, bruised, and tired but not ready to throw in the towel by any means is what we live for... no, our clients aren't damaged goods; they are just ready to be re-trained and armed with the most advanced weaponry available on the market. They have finally realized that they are no longer going to bring a knife to a gunfight. This is a new day. A great day. A day when we start being their agency of record and they start to see the 'difference.'

Stage 1 - Research

Our first and most important goal is simple: to understand all possible marketing & advertising outlets for our clients' specific industry, product, service, and process.

That market domination always starts with research; and is the first step to establishing comfort zones with upper-level management, partners, as well as the troops on the ground. We work tirelessly to understand the product or service to such a technical degree that we become an extension of a brand's internal team; a fellow busy bee, living the brand and feeling the message. This also includes the message of the climactic industry environment, direct competitors, and future forecasting.

Stage 2 - Brand Development

Once rooted in the understanding of where the game is played, it’s time to supercharge our team. We have to hit the gym, get strong, learn how to use different types of weapons, and condition ourselves to be stronger, faster, and more precise than the competition. This is our Brand Development Stage. This is where we rebuild the Online and Offline activities to have the highest possible conversion rates for any future advertising activities.

We believe in the theory that it's better to raise conversion than traffic or impressions. 1000 new visitors are great for your Alexa rating, but if that doesn't boil down to any added sales then we aren't doing our jobs right. And to another point, we believe that everything our clients have already done to bring attention is valuable so we need to capitalize on the internal teams' efforts and show them that marketing does work... if properly implemented. Once we are able to convert the current eyes on our brand, we know that we'll be able to convert more new ones too.

Stage 3 - Promotion

So here we are... we're a lean, mean customer conversion machine. We have fixed all the problems and leaks in the business model. We are no longer sending messaging without branding or rushing things out the door. The brand is focusing on R&D and Customer Service and the agency team is establishing the when and the why protocols for reaching the public. This is bliss.

Everything works like a well-oiled machine and we are starting to penetrate the market and grab share away from the competition. The consumers are ranting and raving on social media, feedback is pushed back to production teams... and we are planning for promotions in targeted ways; reaching the right eyes at the right times. The true brand-agency partnership has been established and all is well.

An Amazing Experience

As with anything in the industry, what we do and how we do it still remains behind closed doors; unless you become a client. That is when the true potential of capabilities unfolds and we are able to showcase our prior successes in a closed forum, allowing for information sharing and ideas to flow freely. As stated earlier, we do this all the time. We live for this. Our purpose is to be a brand partner and allow our clients to grow through guiding the marketing & advertising process in a systematic approach, proven to be profitable.

Today we experience over an 80% client retention rate and in the marketing & ad industry, those numbers are simply unheard of. But we're okay with that... we've always been different. In a way, we pride ourselves on being unique. Our clients are unique too and that's why everything we do is custom; built for the needs of clients looking to grow.

Reach out to us and we will share this amazing experience with you.

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