8 Advantages of a Custom BigCommerce Template

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By Gavin Write
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We need a great website to grow our brands and businesses. However, it can be hard to choose the right one, especially if we are using already existing templates. They often turn out to be not the right fit, thus forcing us to adjust our business model to make things work.

Custom BigCommerce templates are the perfect solution to scale your business, improve your website, and get the perfect fit for your business model. We’ve gathered 8 reasons why you might consider a custom template for BigCommerce.

1. It Is Original & Memorable

Have you ever visited a website for the first time but found the overused design way too distracting? It takes away from the credibility of the brand and it’s not memorable. You’ll likely forget about it soon after.

A great custom BigCommerce template is original and noteworthy. People appreciate beautiful design and it adds to the overall customer experience. An original solution makes a good impression and helps to create a strong brand image. Customers notice it.

2. Built Around Your BigCommerce Apps

Branding is a lot more than colors and a logo. It’s in the experience, the brand voice, the way your employees act and speak. Everything contributes to the brand. This is a vital part of the customer experience and buyer’s journey.

When you create a custom BigCommerce template, you can make it with your brand in mind. The font, the style of the design, the flow of the site, everything is made with the emotions, look, and feel you want to be associated with your business.

Your website design is the biggest way you can influence the experience and impression of your visitors. When you use a custom BigCommerce template, you can make it exactly as you want. To learn more, check out this resource on the best BigCommerce marketing apps.

Custom BigCommerce Theme Screenshot of BigCommerce App Marketplace Over Gray Background

3. It Solves Your Business Needs

Have you ever had a business idea with a big vision? You get all the details together and you have the perfect business model. Then comes the website design and you figure out you can’t do what you had in mind. The implementation ends up looking like a Frankenstein’s Monster version of what you wanted.

Imagine not having to build your business model based on a website design and doing it the other way around — the way it is supposed to be. You build a website for your needs.

Now you can have the business you intended. If you need a certain feature or specific experience, your custom BigCommerce template can provide it to you. You aren’t dependent on an out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t fit you right and limits the potential of your business.

4. It Is Optimized For Loading Speed

Online stores depend on the speed and quality of consumer experience. If customers visit your site and it loads slowly, even for an extra few seconds, you’ll lose a large percentage of visitors. People are used to speed and the latest technologies. When you are behind, they notice it and they don’t have the patience to wait.

With a custom BigCommerce template, you can optimize for speed. Build a faster website with the needs and requirements of your business. A custom site can analyze what you need and find the best way to implement it without holding you back with slower speeds.

If you pick a regular template, you are stuck with what the developer already made. It may or may not work well. Either way, you cannot move outside of their parameters. A custom site is built with your needs in mind and you can create the exact website you want while maintaining the integrity of the speed.

5. Built Specifically For Your BigCommerce

Your website is like a busy intersection. Visitors likely found you through a search engine or a link online. They get onto your website. If they are confused with your layout, they leave. If they stay, they start moving in the direction they feel they should go.

You can take control of that traffic. You can lead your visitors to the right place to go. Through clarity and intentional guidance, you encourage visitors to take action.

A custom BigCommerce design done by a professional can be built to optimize this experience and get visitors to turn into customers. By creating a website that highlights simplicity and clarity, your visitors will know exactly where they should go. This helps increase sales and capture leads.

With a clean design and expertise based on your needs, a custom template can make the most out of your visitors.

6. Saves You Time and Money

We often see brands trying to make an existing template fit for them when it clearly doesn’t. They try to mold their needs and their business model with the resources immediately available.

Ironically, it’s usually because they want to save time or money, but they learn that it does the opposite. They lose hours and funds trying to make something work that doesn’t. What's even more important, the opportunity cost is much greater. They lose potential sales and leads because of a poor template choice.

Now imagine you get a BigCommerce template that works perfectly for you. You don’t have to spend hours trying to make it work. You notice it and so do your customers.

7. Produces A Better ROI

A custom template provides a better chance of a higher ROI. Since the template is customized to your needs, you optimize the experience for everyone.

With a great website, you increase your conversion rate. Checking out or contacting you is easy and therefore more likely when a visitor is on your website.

Your website is your storefront. If someone sees your store with poor paint on the exterior and bad signage, that affects your image and overall value. A custom site on BigCommerce can put you on the next level through a great experience and better functionality.

8. Created By Experts of BigCommerce

When you get a custom BigCommerce template, you likely need to partner with a team. They learn the ins and outs of the brand and company. They know your needs, your audience, and what you offer. Through all this information and the relationship you have with them, they create a custom template for you.

Now, you have experts specifically trained for your website and brand. Whether you need to fix an issue or expand your site for a new product or service, you have someone to call. They are the most qualified and ready to help you improve your business.

If you have a regular template, you don’t have this team available to you and have to start from scratch. The template might also limit you to improve and grow. But when you have a support system that knows your custom design, you can be confident they can scale with you.

BigCommerce Experts Partner Listing Screenshot On BigCommerce Website

These are 8 advantages of a custom BigCommerce template. There are many more but these alone make it worth it. Your business can benefit from a template that’s made for you and your needs. Consider some of these points and decide how you can use a great website for your business.

You can contact our certified BigCommerce developers for advice about these apps or any other BigCommerce development services. The goal is to maximize your profits without adding complexity.

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