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What if you could treat every customer as a VIP? Everyone wants to be treated like a VIP. When they shop at your store, associates would know their names, what they like, and what to offer. Imagine having all your customers, online or offline, being treated to special events, sales and white-glove service.

If your customers feel as if they are being treated like Kings and Queens throughout your omnichannel empire, they are more likely to be loyal brand ambassadors. It’s what being customer-centric is all about.

Saying it is one thing, implementing it is another, and where Shopgate comes in. It’s a comprehensive solution for omnichannel retailers looking to leverage mobile commerce and improve their customers’ experience.

Customized Consumer Mobile App

Shopgate Marketing App Mockup of Dashboard

There is no doubt that mobile has taken over when it comes to retail shopping. Shopgate’s consumer mobile app platform, Engage, is a complete mobile integration tool built for mobile consumers. With a single integration, retailers can create a custom native IOS or Android app.

Retailers have access to features such as:

  • Targeted Push Notifications - Based on behavior and location

  • BOPUIS/BORIS - Smoother buying online, pickups or returns in store

  • Geofencing - Instantly engage nearby customers for higher foot traffic

  • Multiple Digital Wallets - Single login for multiple payment options

  • Multiple Scanners - QR code and barcode scanners

  • One-Touch Payments – For convenient checkouts

Shopgate helps retailers tap into the latest tech like 5G and Augmented Reality. Merchants can create one-of-a-kind experiences using mobile device features such as sensors and cameras to let shoppers view products in exciting new ways.

Clienteling and Improved Customer Relations

Shopgate System On Desk with Man Folding Shirt

Another feature is Relate, a comprehensive client information tool for your associates. Nothing beats a one-on-one interaction for a superior customer-centric experience.

Getting to know your customer increases retention by 30% and conversion rates by 24%

Shopgate Statistics

Shopgate’s Relate helps brick and mortar store shoppers feel like kings and queens by providing store associates with accurate customer information and history. The single view customer profile helps associates drive more cross-sells, upsells, and increase AOV.

Retailers can leverage personal information, such as:

  • Points of contact
  • Previous purchases
  • Wishlist
  • Real-time behavior data
  • Abandoned cart information

The report enables associates to personalize your customer’s experience by asking relevant questions or something as simple as offering a Happy Birthday wish.

Additionally, your marketing can extend beyond the store or website with targeted push notifications, in-app chat, and targeted SMS.

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Snap Shot of Order Fulfillment Screen on Tablet

Often, fulfillment is the most significant bottleneck of a retail operation. Shopgate designed their fulfillment system, Deliver, to reduce the friction and errors associated with order fulfillment.

One of the ways Deliver works best is by integrating with, and automating, in-store fulfillment centers. Customers can easily pick up or return products at their convenience. It automates email follow-ups, SMS, and push notifications. It also provides real-time analytics on the entire workflow and status.

Shopgate’s Integrated Platform Reduces Costs

With the average cost to develop and deploy one retail app hovering around $270,000, there is a tremendous value using this platform. Shopgate creates a seamless shopping experience by connecting the latest online and offline apps.

Using existing eCommerce technologies allows retailers to go to market faster and dramatically reduces the cost of ownership. The platform integrates both online and offline systems such as:

  • Point of Sale Systems

  • Loyalty Programs

  • In-store Kiosks

  • Call centers

  • eCommerce Platforms

  • Payment Gateways

  • Inventory Management

  • Tech Partners

Shopgate’s app platform reduces the risk because they use proven technology.

Additionally, they analyze data from over 12,000 stores globally that make millions of consumer transactions daily. They leverage the data to determine best practices which lead to the highest conversion rates and customer lifetime values in the industry.

The New Mobile Retail Edge

Retailers need not worry whether the SaaS solution will work for them. Shopgate already integrates with 60 eCommerce platforms and mobile payment companies. You can offer frictionless mobile shopping, checkout, and payment options, 24/7.

Shopgate provides retailers a customer-centric, scalable, and secure platform. They regularly release new features, keeping your eCommerce operation current. Shopgate sells their products as a package or individually depending on a merchant’s requirements.

Their integrated approach helps retailers provide a modern shopping experience, mobile or in-store, that consumers demand.

Contact us for a professional introduction and assistance with your direct integration.

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