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BigCommerce SEO Services

Eventige is a leading BigCommerce SEO optimization agency partner. We deliver accurate search engine optimization services for brands looking to grow their online footprint. Our BigCommerce SEO experts focus on improving both on-page and off-page elements, code compression for loading speed optimization, backlinks, blogs, and many more proprietary techniques to elevate your search engine ranking positions quickly.

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BigCommerce SEO Experts

Expertly applied BigCommerce SEO is a crucial part of any eCommerce growth strategy when you are running on BigCommerce Stencil. Our certified BigCommerce SEO services include consulting, structural changes to code, optimizing content and keywords, and creating new content and meta tagging structures to align with the latest Google algorithms.

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EMG's off-page BigCommerce SEO services promote your BigCommerce store through blogging, content marketing, link-building, and SEO placements on high authority domains. We perform BigCommerce Off-Page SEO for a variety of industries.

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BigCommerce SEO Search Optimization

Our organic search optimization teams are experts in BigCommerce SEO and will advance your search rankings, boost sales, and increase brand awareness. We have been featured in numerous BigCommerce blogs, whitepapers, and contribute to the BigCommerce forums specifically about SEO guidance for brands looking to grow fast and blanket their organic keyword universe. We can do the same for you! Contact us today to review your BigCommerce store performance with our team.

BigCommerce SEO Services

  • BigCommerce SEO Audits

    Initial discovery of opportunities to improve your BigCommerce SEO always starts with a deep-crawl analysis. We use several different tools to run a comprehensive technical and contextual analysis of your BigCommerce SEO to generate an action plan.

  • BigCommerce On-Page SEO

    From the way you name your titles, to the meta data behind the curtain, as well as all of the choices in apps, messaging, and design, can greatly affect your loading speed and Google rankings. Our expert BigCommerce SEO teams establish your roadmap and do the work.

  • BigCommerce Off-Page SEO

    Articles, mentions, and backlinks are the main criteria for your BigCommerce SEO off-page optimization program. Generating new links with proper anchors helps search engines build credibility and trust around your BigCommerce store and we provide this turnkey.

  • BigCommerce PPC Services

    BigCommerce digital marketing, organic search, and PPC are part of our digital media program for BigCommerce merchants. We work with Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Facebook, and other Paid Search platforms to configure and grow BigCommerce PPC.

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